Embrace your weird

Deborah KayBy Deborah KayDecember 4, 20221 Minutes

On this blog, I started a weird list – of all the weird things that I’ve done that I’m proud of. These are things that will never make it on my CV or my LinkedIn, but play a part in defining who I am.

In a world where everyone is conforming, being weird makes you stand out.

Even former admissions officer at Stanford, Alix Coupet acknowledged this in a CNBC article Former Stanford admissions officer: ‘Well-rounded is not enough’—here’s how to really stand out:

“Well rounded is not good enough. Lean into your weirdness. Zag when everyone else is zigging” -Alix Coupet, former Admissions Officer at Stanford University

My prediction is that in the next couple of years, everyone will have a weird list on their CV or website.

And here’s one from Derek Sivers:

“Don’t live somewhere pleasant surrounded by normal people. Live among your fellow freaks, where obsession is normal and ambition is rewarded.”

“If you do what most people do, you get what most people get. Don’t be normal.”

“Society’s guidelines are for the lost — not for you.”

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