Trading Alpha Indicators

Free Alternative to Trading Alpha Indicators

Deborah KayBy Deborah KayMarch 16, 20241 Minutes

Trading Alpha is a paid tool offering indicators like their Alpha Bundle, Alpha Dots and Alpha track line.

Used by crypto influencers such as ShardiB2, Scott Melker, Trading Alpha overlays indicators over candlestick charts in Trading View to help identify tops, bottoms, trends, reversals.

The bundle costs US$1,188 a year for the Alpha Dots and Alpha Track indicators (which is what most people want).

After searching for “Trading Alpha Reviews”, the online reviews were mostly very critical of the software. Some of the complaints said that customer service is non existent. Their Discord channel is dead. They don’t give any refunds (for a reason – because the software is not that useful), And the guy who developed it, John Wick (@zerohedge_on Twitter) stole and repackaged the indicators from other people.

One reviewer, Jesse (@crypto_chili_ on Twitter) shared that he had created his own free, open source version on Trading View (read his review on Trust Pilot here).  I tried it out and it’s very cool – it has all the same indicators as Trading Alpha (including all the premium features like Alpha Dots and Alpha Track Line) Best of all, it is totally free!

You can find his SpicyTrend+ Script here.

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