Reduce Subscription

How to Reduce your Subscription Fee for NY Times or Washington Post or other Subscription-based products

Deborah KayBy Deborah KayFebruary 25, 20231 Minutes

I have no objection paying for subscriptions for media outlets that I read on a regular basis. I believe in supporting independent journalism and I have had yearly subscriptions to the New York Times and the Washington Post for years.

However, I do believe in getting the best possible deal and any freebies sites may offer to retain customers. This is what I have discovered.


  1. Just before your subscription is due to expire, go into My Account.
  2. Click on Cancel Subscription
  3. If they ask why, say it’s because it’s too expensive
  4. Most of the time, these sites are likely to offer you a cheaper rate
  5. If they don’t, just cancel the subscription
  6. Re-subscribe to a new plan at the discounted rate

Using this method, I normally pay $0.50 a week for NY Times (all access, news, cooking, games) and $1 a week for the Washington Post.

This also works for Classpass – if you threaten to end your subscription, they often offer you free credits for not cancelling. Viola! Enjoy the free credits!

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